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[a+w lp056] Nontoxic - Intoxication LP


Image of [a+w lp056] Nontoxic - Intoxication LP

2024, limited edition of 100 copies on colored vinyl and 400 copies on black vinyl

tapetopia 021

The East Berlin dark wave band Nontoxic was initially known as Mildernde Umstände. In 1988 the state-run artists’ agency issued an ultimatum: Name change, or no more gigs! The band continued as Nontoxic, in a squatted practice room right by the Berlin Mitte police station, which some goths had also been “introduced” to. Nontoxic gigged a lot, sharing the stage with bands such as Zorn, Herbst In Peking or the Fellini Prostitutes.
Joggy Müller of Die Vision (also Mahlsdorfer Wohnstuben Orchester and L‘Ambassadeur des Ombres) organised a recording session at the studio of Jan Wanschura, also of Die Vision. There is no trace of these recordings today. In 1989, Nontoxic played at the East Berlin HdjT. “Intoxication” is based on a recording of this show. In 1990, the members of Nontoxic went on to play with bands such as Torpedo Mahlsdorf, Iron Henning, Edge of Silence, and Calyx of Rose.

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