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[a+w lp038] Corp Cruid - Corp Cruid I LP


Image of [a+w lp038] Corp Cruid - Corp Cruid I LP

2022, limited edition of 500 copies

tapetopia 007

Corp Cruid I was the only release of the planned tape series BleiBeil. The tracks were recorded over a longer period of time in 1988 – and in changing constellations that corresponded to the line-up of the East Berlin underground band Ornament & Verbrechen. 30 copies were circulated exclusively among friends. Concerts were not part of the plan, also due to the band’s rejection of a playing permit; there was no interest in being tolerated by the cultural apparatus, which treated projects like Corp Cruid with contempt or even hostility. Even before the GDR collapsed, in November 1989, almost half of the Ornament & Verbrechen musicians had left the country. Ensembles as remote from the state as Corp Cruid sounded like a faint scratch on the Wall of Sound of a hysterical system. The tape survived on a master tape and on a few copies; today the GDR is only its background noise.

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