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[IOD015] Ascetic: - Everything Is Becoming Remixes EP 12"

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Image of [IOD015] Ascetic: - Everything Is Becoming Remixes EP 12"

Instruments Of Discipline, 2017

"The remixed tracks from Ascetic’s second album ‘Everything Is Becoming’ are a collision between industrial techno, EBM influenced bass lines, doom and dark ambient. Four Berlin based artists: Ancient Methods, Phase Fatale, Unhuman & Luna Violenta offer their take on the two opening tracks ‘Utterings’ and ‘Exegesis’ from the album. Roared vocals, guitar both jagged, creepy and ambient, live drums and samples are all melted down and reformed into at times recognizable and at times wholly alien compositions, Ancient Methods, Phase Fatale and Unuhuman offer different approaches to techno punishment while Luna’s interpretation is a cacophonous build that explodes into sonic abstraction. This EP is a perfect example of what Berlin does so well, where genres that share aesthetic values feedback, overlap and inspire."